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2016 Rockin' Apple Teacher of the Year

It's time to vote for the 2016 Rockin' Apple Teacher of the Year!  Our Rockin' Apple committee has narrowed it down to these 5 finalists.  Let us know who you think should win by voting in the poll below!


Adam Eckard English teacher for 10th and 12th grade at Senath-hornersville High school. He's helped so many of us not only in school but he has helped to prepare us for the real world after graduation his techniques and guidance has no doubt made the difference in whether we succeed.


Dawn works at the elementary school in the special Ed department at Newport. She is a very huge asset to the kids and goes out of her way to make sure they have what they need and to make them feel as her own. Often the special Ed department gets overlooked for things that the regular departments gets such as funding for supplies etc. she works very hard to help "her" kids in any way she can. She is a very loving and caring person and it takes someone very awesome to work with some of the students that take a little more time than others. I have been with her when she was getting things from her own pocket for the classroom and kids. She knew that some of the kids may not get to have thanksgiving dinner.... So with the help of her mom and a few other (and the kiddos bringing their fave holiday food) she put together a huge thanksgiving feast as she would have for her own family. This is why I think Dawn deserves the Rockin' Apple Teacher of the year. It brightens my heart to know there are still teachers who actually care about children especially the ones who may grasp things a little slower than the average student. YOU ROCK DAWN!!!!


 I would like to nominate Mrs. Patti Parton at Valley View Elementary Schools for KFINs Rockin Apple Teacher of the Year. In addition to being an outstanding 2nd grade teacher, who overwhelming succeeds in instilling a love for learning in her students, she also guides these little people to better understand the importance of values like kindness, respect, gratitude, honesty, and a inspires them to really love the earth.
Mrs. Patti is totally immersed in all things science at Valley View Elementary, and this involvement, in turn helps to create a genuine excitement for science and math with her students! In addition to all of the classroom hands-on activities that make learning an adventure and encourage development of critical thinking skills with her 2nd graders, Mrs. Patti generously commits her time to lead these children to learn and explore, and further their education beyond just the textbooks. For example, during the months of March and April she stayed after school every Monday to supervise approximately 70 second graders working with mechanical engineering students from ASU in a free after school robotics program.
Throughout the school year, Mrs. Pattis class works, under her direction, on multiple projects that serve the entire VVES system, including being in charge of the Science Lab, taking care of the bunny farm, the weather and joke portion of the Blazer News, they are the recycling team for the school, and most recently, they are setting up the Blazer Pet Shop! On Earth Day, Mrs. Patti and her class stayed after school to pass out blue recycling bags to all of the car riders a really big deal for these impressionable kiddos!
As you can see Mrs. Pattis commitment to her students is authentic and unquestionable. And while education is paramount, shes also all about helping develop well-rounded future young adults, and the children know this. They know it because they know that Mrs. Patti believes in them, and because of her they leave 2nd grade believing in themselves. And that is enough to make her teacher of the year every single year - especially in minds of the parents of this years class!


Sonya Pomtree Tuckerman High school. Miss Pomtree is one of the kindest hearts. She is the kind of person who is willing to do anything and everything to help every student. While being an English teacher she also teaches journalism, and is also over the newspaper. She is a huge inspiration to all of the students of THS.


Mrs Wimberley, first grade teacher at the Math and  Science magnet school. My seven year old daughter unexpectedly lost her daddy two weeks ago and they were extremely close. She was out of school for a week, and Mrs Wimberley checked on her daily. But I am most grateful for how she has helped my daughter since her return, she is only seven and is struggling with the worst thing that can possibly happen to a child and Mrs Wimberley has been an angel for us both. When I am at work, I constantly worry about how my baby is doing and her teacher has always kept me updated to help ease my mind. She talks to her about her daddy and fills in for me when I cannot be there with her.
I truly do not know what we would do without her right now, and she is such a caring person to all of her students. She deserves so much!!