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 ·  Ariana Grande Vows To Return To ‘Brave’ Manchester For Benefit Concert In Heartbreaking Letter
 ·  The Stark Family Can’t Agree On How Their Game Of Thrones Reunion Would Go Down
 ·  Does Cersei Actually Stand A Chance Against Daenerys In Game Of Thrones Season 7?
 ·  Nick Jonas’s New Single ‘Remember I Told You’ Sizzles In All The Right Ways
 ·  Don’t Let The Trump Shake The Hand!
 ·  Here’s How Ludacris Is Getting Hands-On For Fear Factor
 ·  The Boys From Disney’s Jessie Just Graduated High School, So We’re Fossils Now
 ·  Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut To The Feeling’ Might Be Her Most Ecstatic Song Ever
 ·  These Pics Of Wonder Woman Past And Present Embracing On The Red Carpet Are So Powerful
 ·  This Week In Garbageville
 ·  Halsey And Lauren Jauregui Get Real About Their Ex-Girlfriends On New Song ‘Strangers’
 ·  MTV News Social Justice Forecast May 25–June 3
 ·  Lil Yachty Explains How Being Arrested Inspired Him To ‘Take Charge’ Of His Life
 ·  Shawn Mendes Urges Fans Not To Be Afraid After Manchester Attack
 ·  Sia Channels Wonder Woman On Powerful New Song ‘To Be Human’

 ·  Slice The Price - Upper Crust Pizza
 ·  NEA Race for the Cure 2017
 ·  Adopt a Dog!
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Thursday 9/22/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Friday 9/23/11 & Saturday 9/24/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Wednesday 9/21/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Monday 9/19/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Tuesday 9/20/11
 ·  Polar Bear Plunge 2011
 ·  Strike-A-Wish 2010 Pix
 ·  Rockin Apple - Randi House - 11/12/10
 ·  Brandon's Blog - 11/09/10 - Rihanna Teams With Bon Jovi
 ·  Rockin Apple Party - Gary Hubbell - 10/29/10
 ·  Final Moments Of 101.9 Kiss FM
 ·  Brandon's Blog - 9/2/10 - "Glee" Season 2 Promo

 ·  The legendary golfer was arrested in Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence, police said
 ·  Tiger's mugshot makes the rounds
 ·  Woods: No twisting for three months, let alone golf
 ·  Tiger Woods on his injuries and the future
 ·  Sportswriter Frank Deford dies at 78
 ·  Trump honors fallen heroes at an Arlington ceremony
 ·  Russia probe reaches Jared Kushner
 ·  Sen. Graham: Kushner story is suspicious
 ·  Cillizza: Merkel shows us what Trump means to the world
 ·  Cruz: We should withdraw from Paris accord
 ·  Cillizza: A handshake proves symbols matter
 ·  'Political bromance' blossoms between Macron and Trudeau
 ·  Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but ...
 ·  Opinion: Portland is not as liberal as you think
 ·  Girl targeted on train says she's thankful to strangers

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A fire Monday morning did heavy damage to The Front Page Cafe on Parker Road in Jonesboro. Fire Department officials on the scene did not know the cause of the fire. Officials with Jonesboro 911 Dispatch say no one was transported due to injuries.