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 ·  Beauty and the Beast Kicked Power Rangers Butt At The Box Office
 ·  Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Fierce Look From The ‘Light My Body Up’ Video
 ·  The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Samira Wiley Looked Absolutely Stunning At Her Desert Wedding
 ·  Shailene Woodley Won’t Go To Jail For Protesting The Dakota Access Pipeline
 ·  What Are You Up To, Harry Styles?
 ·  Liam Payne Is Now A Dad!
 ·  Frances Bean Cobain Went All DIY On Her Marc Jacobs Billboard
 ·  Amanda Seyfried Isn’t A Regular Mom, She’s A Cool Mom
 ·  Ed Sheeran Made Out With An Inbetweeners Star And Hung Out With His Cats For Charity
 ·  The Justice League Comes Together In Its First Intense Trailer
 ·  Hugh Grant Got On Drake’s Level For His New And Improved Love Actually Dance
 ·  Power Rangers And The Right Kind Of Nostalgia
 ·  J. Cole Drops The Intense Trailer For His Second HBO Special
 ·  Are You The One? Sweethearts: Here Are Hayden And Gianna’s Most Lovey-Dovey Photos
 ·  Watch Migos And The Roots Perform ‘Bad And Boujee’ With Office Supplies

 ·  Slice The Price - Upper Crust Pizza
 ·  Race for the Cure 2016
 ·  Adopt a Dog!
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Friday 9/23/11 & Saturday 9/24/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Thursday 9/22/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Wednesday 9/21/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Monday 9/19/11
 ·  Taylor Fair Pix - Tuesday 9/20/11
 ·  Polar Bear Plunge 2011
 ·  Rockin Apple - Randi House - 11/12/10
 ·  Strike-A-Wish 2010 Pix
 ·  Brandon's Blog - 11/09/10 - Rihanna Teams With Bon Jovi
 ·  Rockin Apple Party - Gary Hubbell - 10/29/10
 ·  Final Moments Of 101.9 Kiss FM
 ·  Brandon's Blog - 9/2/10 - "Glee" Season 2 Promo

 ·  Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he believes Trump could bring in Dems to cut new health care deal
 ·  Kasich says he's not running for office again
 ·  Trump rally turns violent
 ·  Republicans calling for unity with Democrats
 ·  Trump rallies: Campaign-funded, for a reason
 ·  US-led strike on truck bomb killed civilians, Iraqi official says
 ·  1 killed, 15 injured in Ohio club shooting
 ·  Chaos on mall escalator
 ·  Kremlin critic seized in corruption protests
 ·  Sanders: Don't go nuclear over Gorsuch
 ·  Sanders to introduce Medicare-for-all bill
 ·  Stelter: The WH has a credibility problem
 ·  16 inmates at large after prison break
 ·  Trump was done in by the details, sources say
 ·  Rep. Poe resigns from House Freedom Caucus over health care stance

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A fire Monday morning did heavy damage to The Front Page Cafe on Parker Road in Jonesboro. Fire Department officials on the scene did not know the cause of the fire. Officials with Jonesboro 911 Dispatch say no one was transported due to injuries.